How to Make Money as an Affiliate

Making money as an affiliate is a very important strategy for internet marketers. Internet marketers make money by promoting the products of other creators and that allows them to make big money without having to invest lots of time or effort into creating their own products.

What’s more, is that by selecting an existing product rather than making one from scratch, you remove the risk element by focusing on a product that is already selling very well. Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize a website and to build a business with zero up-front investment.

Whether you are an affiliate or a product creator, or selling products ranging from small software enthusiasts to mega successful names like Jono Armstrong, you are going to find that there are a few different terms that come up regularly and that you will employ in building your own campaign.

Sales Funnel – A sales funnel is a selection of free blog posts or articles, perhaps a mailing list, maybe a free report, followed up by a paid report and increasingly ‘high ticket’ (expensive) items. The idea is that you are gradually introducing people to your brand and then helping them to invest more and more in your message and to become increasingly interested in spending more on your offers.

Sales Page – A sales page is a page that is entirely dedicated to selling your product. That means that there will be no external links, no distracting content or images… just one ‘sales script’ designed to promote the product and make it sound highly desirable. This will be interspersed with ‘Buy Now’ buttons and will use persuasive writing.

Free Report – A free report is a small excerpt or example of your sales funnel.
VSL – A VSL is a ‘Video Sales Letter’. This is a spoken script that works like sales copy to engage the visitor and get them to buy.

Squeeze Page and Email Swipes – Email swipes are ready made arketing messages, we’ll look a little more at how a squeeze page and mailing list work together in a moment. As a marketer, you can either create these materials yourself, get them free when you sign up as an affiliate, or use other strategies to promote the products. Either way though, understanding these terms is going to come in very handy when you are learning about internet marketing